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A New Book Comes Off the Press

After the release of our second annual collective, X, earlier this year, MCAF is proud to present the arrival of our newest offshoot:

Itai Doshin : Aller-retour Québec-Japon

A compendium following an exhibit presented in Montreal and Japan composed of works from Quebecer and Japanese comic artists,

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A Summer With Comic Books

On August 12, I Buy a Quebec Book

Here is the opportunity to get our Marvelous Creations and Fables if you haven’t already!

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A New Campaign Sponsored By MCAF

Thanks to the support of the Conseil des arts Montréal, MCAF is sponsoring crowdfunding projects in 2021.

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Bédélys Awards, residency in the sun and MCAF 2022

The Bédélys Pay Tribute to a Giant of Québécois Comic Arts

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, the Bédélys Awards have added a new prize, the Bédélys Tribute Award.

This prize pays homage to an individual whose work has made a major impact on the recognition and promotion of the Québécois comic arts.

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A Month of April Under the Sign of Comics

Help the FBDM Press | MCAF Press to reach their goal of $ 10,000 on La Ruche!

We have some great news to offer you for the crowdfunding campaign.
This week we will be adding two perks to our campaign for X. Offers not to be missed!

An exclusive meeting with Talhí Briones or Jimmy Beaulieu.

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22 Years of the Bédélys Awards

Created by the organization Promo 9e Art (founded by François Mayeux, Johanne Théroux, Marc de Roussan, and Bertrand Picard), since 1999 the Bédélys Awards have recognized the work of exceptional comic book creators, including both Quebecois and international authors. The central goal of the Bédélys Awards remains the same as always: The recognize and reward the comic arts in Québec,

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News From MCAF

Hey hey!

You heard that right, we are launching the crowdfunding campaign for X, the latest in MCAF’s series of annual anthologies!

X is the second in our series Marvelous Creations And Fables (get it?), published by Presses du FBDM | MCAF Press. This year, to celebrate our 10th anniversary,

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Ten Years, Ten Months, Tell Me More

The 10th Anniversary Events Continue

As we continue to move forward with our 10th anniversary year, we’re delighted as always by the continuing participation of our creators, thank you so much!

For February, our 10-month program continues with the start of the comic book quizzes.
See you on February 25 for the first one on the theme of duets.

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Ready for 2021!

10 years, 10 Months of Activities

No matter what else happens in 2021, one thing is for sure: The Festival is gonna be celebrating its 10th anniversary!

10 years already, who would have believed it? Well, we did, and so did all of you, obviously! So we’re inviting you to join us over the course of the coming months for a series of events designed for both the general public as well as comic arts pros.

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Happy Holidays from the MCAF Team!

The holidays are coming! Without forgetting about the sometimes difficult situation we all find ourselves in currently, we think it’s a wonderful time to embrace a festive mindset and turn our eyes towards a hopeful future.

This is our wish to all of you, that you are always able to find place for hope and joy,

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