FBDM Book Club


The New Book Club for Comics Lovers

Reading can be a solitary activity, but great comics deserve to be discussed, dissected, and debated in the company of others! Why not join our monthly FBDM Book Club?

If you’re passionate about comic books, graphic novels, and bande dessinée, you’ll find it’s the ideal place to exchange ideas and share your discoveries in a convivial but relaxed atmosphere. Just getting started with comic books? No worries, the Comic Book Club is your chance to learn more about this fascinating art form.

Let’s Talk About Quebec Comics

The first Monday of every month, our members meet up to discuss three Québecois graphic novels, chosen according to a common theme. From there, we’ll compare and contrast the works, looking at everything from style and plot to how these works tell their stories.
Surprise guests even join in the fun from time to time!

The FBDM Book Club is presented in French, but as we all know reading comic books in another language and discussing them with friends is a great way to improve!
We’re waiting with open arms, and the coffee’s always hot! Join our Facebook Group to stay up-to-date on our monthly picks!