The driving force behind the festival is a small, passionate and motivated team. Here they are with three questions.

1- What motivates you in your job at MCAF?
2- What is one of your ambitions for the future of the festival?
3- Can you tell us about one of your discoveries for the year 2023?

Thanks to Boum who made the beautiful portraits of our team!

Mélanie La Roche

Executive Director

  • Comic artists and the quality of the Quebec comics published; they deserve the best festival to showcase them!
  • My dream is to be able to present large-scale immersive exhibitions on comics in Montreal.
  • I have met the Italian artist Zerocalcare at Angoulême last year. His work in autofiction, and particularly his comics about Kurdistan, made a big impression on me, and I thoroughly read his bibliography. He’s an author my age, with punk influences, who talks about politics without being pretentious, and about his neighborhood, Rebibbia, with a lot of love. Two of his books have also been beautifully adapted into TV series.

Virginie Mont-Reynaud

Programming Director

  • I love discovering new things. Even if I unfortunately don’t have the time to read everything, my job allows me to explore all that comics have to offer and it’s magical!
  • I hope to see Montreal become completely comics to celebrate the richness of the medium and the community that makes it happen.
  • The Nice House on the Lake dyptic was a wonderful discovery, and I really enjoyed this comic, which brilliantly blends science fiction and horror. Álvaro Martínez Bueno’s stunning drawings perfectly enhance James Tynion IV’s intriguing script.

Maude Bourassa-Francoeur

Project manager – Comic Outreach

  • Read a lot of comics and help others discover them through original activities. Share the good news that comics are for everyone.
  • I hope that MCAF will welcome more and more creators, both international and local.
  • My discovery of the year: Benji Nate! Because behind his slightly kawaii style lies a purely feminist irreverence, killer punchlines and characters you may (or may not) want as best friends.

Pauline Laurent

Communications Manager

  • I like the richness and the life of the festival, each year more and more complete and varied. I like that it is part of the tradition of free festivals in Montreal, that culture is part of the life of the city.
  • I’d like to think that the FBDM will become as popular as the city’s other major festivals, and that comics will be on everyone’s lips (and in everyone’s hands).
  • Frontier by Singelin. A stunning green sci-fi story, both visually and story-wise.

Programming Committee

This year sees the creation of a Programming Committee whose mandate to develop and prepare a unique, diverse and interesting programing slate for the Festival that reflects the broader cultural moment. All the people chosen have been involved with the Festival for several years and are important individuals in the Montreal comics community.

  • Catherine Emmanuel Brunet | Moderator
  • Rodolphe Legrand | Representative & Comics creator
  • April Petchsri | Comics creator
  • François Vigneault | Cartoonist & Translator