Organization Committee

MCAF’s organization committee is made up of a combination of salaried employees and volunteers. Our entire team shares a deep love of the comic arts and a passion for promoting the work of Quebec’s creators, both in Montreal and internationally.

Thanks to Laurence Dea Dionne for the portraits!

Johanne Desrochers

General Director

Bio to come !

Virginie Mont-Reynaud

Programming and Logistics Coordinator

Bio to come !

Clara Laffineur

Exhibitions Curator, Special Events Officer

Bio to come !

Quentin Hocquinghem

Communication Officer

Bio to come !

Martin Morin 

Facebook Manager, Editor

Bio to come !

Cécilia Boissy 

Graphic Designer

Bio to come !

Lawrence Gagnon

Publication Designer

Bio to come !

Gabriel Jetté

Publication Designer, Videographer

Bio to come !

Linda Furstenberger

Web Development, Shop Manager

Bio to come !

Isabelle Moussali

Web Master

Bio to come !

Pauline Laurent 

Communication and Volunteer Officer

Bio to come !

David Daneman

Anglophone Community Outreach

Bio to come !

François Vigneault


Bio to come !