Board of Directors

Louise Guillemette-Labory, présidente CA

Stéphane Létourneau, Secretary

Pierre-Alain Rodrigue, Treasurer

Luc Bossé, Board Member

Myriam Lalumière, Board Member

François Mayeux, Board Member

Jan-Nicholas Vanderveken, Board Member

Julia Pohl-Miranda, Guest Board Member

Johanne Desrochers, General Director

Organization Committee

MCAF’s organization committee is made up of a combination of salaried employees and volunteers. Our entire team shares a deep love of the comic arts and a passion for promoting the work of Quebec’s creators, both in Montreal and internationally.

Johanne Desrochers
General Director

Virginie Mont-Reynaud
Programming and Logistics Coordinator

Christophe Forget
Exhibitions and Special Events Coordinator

Martin Morin 
Facebook Manager

Cécilia Boissy 
Graphic Design

Lawrence Gagnon
Publication Design

Gabriel Jetté
Publication Design and Videographer

Linda Furstenberger
Web Development, Public Relations

Isabelle Moussali
Web Master

Pauline Laurent 
Communication and Volunteer Coordinator

David Daneman
Anglophone Community Outreach

François Vigneault