Quebec In International Comics

Little Nemo

May 15 to May 26 at Espace La Fontaine

How is Quebec represented in international comics? How are we perceived by comic artists from around the world?

From lumberjacks to dog sleighs (with a serving of poutine on the side), this original exhibition of the Montreal Comic Arts Festival presents comic books in which Quebec is depicted through the eyes of international comic artists. This exhibition analyzes titles from Franco-Belgian comics, American comics and Japanese manga from 1911 through today.

Montreal Comic Arts Festival’s original exhibition


Exhibition poster

May 15 to May 31 at Collège Salette

Comics have existed for nearly 180 years, and throughout that long history male heroes have almost always held the center stage. Too often female characters are sidelined into supporting roles or adhere to dated stereotypes, existing solely to care for their leading men.

In this exhibit, Lyon BD and author JC Deveney have invited twenty comic book creators to reimagine male heroes throughout a new, female-focused lens. The resulting exhibition is a fun but thoughtful examination of the role of gender in comics.

Participants : Yan Le Pon (Gold of the Dead), Jean-Yves Ferri (Astérix), Hélène Becquelin (Angry Mum), Florence Dupré La Tour (Cruelle), Jérôme Jouvray (Lincoln), Boulet (Notes), Efix (12 rue Royale et les 7 défis gourmands), Nancy Peña (Les nouvelles aventures du Chat Botté), B-gnet (Santiago), Marie Avril (Confidences à Allah), and more.

This exhibition is organized by Lyon BD and JC Deveney.

Itai Doshin 異体同心  

Original drawing from Miki Yamamoto

May 24 to May 26 at Espace La Fontaine

There has long been a fruitful exchange of ideas between Quebecois and Japanese comic arts. Spearheaded by the efforts of individual creators, this cultural exchange has gained support from institutions that facilitate the sharing of ideas, experiences, and creations. Most recently, the Kyoto International Manga Museum hosted a exhibition on Quebecois comic books. 

Through the efforts of two Montreal creators, Nunumi et Philippe Girard, MCAF was introduced to the Ibaraki Manga House. This organization was created by the prefecture of  Ibaraki to promote the manga industry and support local creators and is managed by Tsukuba University.

Manga is a veritable industry in Japan, a major contrast from the approach found in Quebec. The improvement of connections between these very different creative communities is sure to bring many benefits, including the consolidation of MCAF and Montreal as an international crossroads for BD, comics, and manga. 

This exhibition, titled Itai Doshin, which means “Different body, same mind,” is the fruit of a cultural exchange between the Ibaraki Artists Center in Japan and MCAF. Nine creators (five Quebecois and four Japanese) here present silent comics created in the course of the project. 

Montreal Comic Arts Festival’s original exhibition

Julie Rocheleau : Journeys and Destinations

May 1st to May 26 at Espace La Fontaine

Julie Rocheleau met son grand talent de dessinatrice au service d’écrivains et scénaristes doués. N’hésitant jamais à varier les genres et les thèmes, elle cosigne la trilogie La colère de Fantômas (Dargaud 2013-2015), La Petite Patrie (La Pastèque, 2015, selon l’oeuvre de Clause Jasmin) et Betty Boob (Casterman, 2017).

Pour ces albums, elle s’est vu décerner de nombreux prix au Canada et en Europe, dont le prix BD Fnac France et le Prix des libraires du Québec pour Betty Boob en 2018. Elle habite et travaille dans le quartier Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie, à Montréal.E

Montreal Comic Arts Festival and Julie Rocheleau’s original exhibition


May 24 to May 26 at Calixa-Lavallée

This unique exposition invites visitors to immerse themselves in drawings specially created to be experienced in 360° virtual reality via a set of VR goggles!

Featuring work from five beloved quebecois comics series: Les Dragouilles (Karine Gotot et Maxim Cyr), Biodôme (Fred Antoine and Yohann Morin), Dans une galaxie près de chez vous (Pierre-Yves Bernard, Claude Legault and Julien Paré-Sorel), L’agent Jean (Alex A.) and Dans la tête de François (François Saint-Martin et Marc Bruneau).

Exhibition designed by Culture Shawinigan

The World of Anne Simon

May 24 to May 26 at La Fontaine Park

Anne Simon was born in 1980 in Deux-Sèvres. Winner of the Young Talent award at the Festival International BD in 2004, her early work was published in the anthologies Dopututto and Dopututto MAX. Since then, she has published the ongoing saga Les Contes du Marylène with MISMA in three volumes: La Geste d’AglaéCixtite Impératrice and Boris l’Enfant Patate.

She is also the co-creator of four graphic biographies: FreudMarxand Einstein with Corinne Maier (Dargaud/Nobrow), and L’Homme à la Fourrure with Catherine Sauvat (Dargaud).

Exhibition designed by MISMA in exclusivity for MCAF

Comics From Le Monde Diplomatique Germany

May 1st to May 15 at Espace La Fontaine

Le Monde diplomatique, the preeminent monthly magazine of international politics, its published around the world in 20 languages. Since 2005, the German edition of the magazine has featured a comic strip on the back cover, the only edition of Le Monde diplomatique that includes this unique content. Famed cartoonists have contributed their talents to this page over the years, taking up the combined chalenges of working in an over-sized format while also making the most of their limited narrative space. Unpredictable, melancholic, and often absurd, these strips present a one-fo-a-kind look at politics, culture, and everyday life. The publisher Reprodukt has thus far published three large-format anthologies reprinting these pages.

In this exhibition, you will encounter the work of the stars of the German alternative comics scene, such as ATAK, Anke Feuchtenberger, and Henning Wagenbreth, as well as well-known illustrators such as Nadia Budde and the veteran draftsman Volker Pfüller. Young talents such as Anna Haifisch and Robert Deutsch and famed artists such as Barbara Yelin and Jim Avignon also have work on display.

Exhibition given by the Goethe Institut

La Petite Russie (french only exhibition)

May 13 to May 26 at the Cinémathèque québécoise

La Petite Russie is the story of the colonization of Abitibi, a portrait of the men and women who left everything behind them to move to the north of Québec. The chronicle of Guyenne, a small village that’s a bit different than all the others: Run as a cooperative, where 50% of the villagers’ earnings were used to finance the development of the colony as a whole, leading some neighboring communities to call the village “Little Russia.” It is here that Marcel and Antoinette would live for twenty years. La Petite Russie is their story.

This exposition of original drawings from Françis Desharnais’s latest graphic novel will be accompanied by a screening of the film Les Brulés (1957) directed by Bernard Delvin, on Thursday May 23 at 6:45pm.

This rare screening of this film will be introduced by Francis Desharnais, and a discussion of the film and the impact of its filming on the community of Guyenne will follow.

Bédélys Awards Trophies

May 24 to May 26 at Espace La Fontaine

For the last 10 years the Bédélys Awards trophies are designed by the artist Karl Dupéré-Richer.
Come discover them at MCAF !

Montreal Comic Arts Festival’s original exhibition

Bringing the Art of Bookbinding to the World of Comics

May 24 to May 26 at Calixa-Lavallée