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MCAF 2021 – 10 Shades of Comics

All activities are broadcast live on the festival’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel simultaneously.
Only exception, all workshops will be hosted on Zoom to encourage exchanges between the teachers and participants.

Montreal Comic Arts Festival | MCAF

MCAF is a true labor of love, created by and for lovers of comic books who want to share their passion for this vibrant art form. And what better way than by setting up a FREE and public event right in the heart of La Fontaine Park!

Our incredible venue makes for an enchanting experience… rain or shine, our iconic white tents will be waiting for you all weekend long, so no excuses! Just don’t forget your sunblock (or your rain boots, depending)!

Even if we can’t guarantee the weather, we can promise that you will find:

Artists and books

  • Over 175 cartoonists, including many international guests
  • Dozens of self-published artists
  • Over 80 exhibitors


  • Fascinating special exhibitions
  • Amazing workshops for all ages
  • Encounters with artists from all walks of life and every style imaginable
  • Great panels and presentations

And More!

  • Helpful volunteers, an information kiosk, and clear signage
  • A zero-waste environment
  • A convivial atmosphere where fun and respect reign supreme