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Ready for 2021!

10 years, 10 Months of Activities

No matter what else happens in 2021, one thing is for sure: The Festival is gonna be celebrating its 10th anniversary!

10 years already, who would have believed it? Well, we did, and so did all of you, obviously! So we’re inviting you to join us over the course of the coming months for a series of events designed for both the general public as well as comic arts pros.

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Call for Papers – Comic Arts Conference

Shaking the Foundations

MCAF Anniversary-Conference

The Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF) and the McGill Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montreal (CIRM) are pleased to invite you to the Shaking the Foundations Conference in Montreal, from October 28 to 30, 2021. In addition to highlighting the MCAF’s 10th anniversary,

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Happy Holidays from the MCAF Team!

The holidays are coming! Without forgetting about the sometimes difficult situation we all find ourselves in currently, we think it’s a wonderful time to embrace a festive mindset and turn our eyes towards a hopeful future.

This is our wish to all of you, that you are always able to find place for hope and joy,

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Call for Projects – Crowdfunding

Thanks to the support of the Conseil des arts Montréal, MCAF will be sponsoring three crowdfunding projects in 2021.

Eligible campaigns must be carried out on the La Ruche platform.

sum of $500 will be added as a bonus to each of the three campaigns if they reach their fundraising goals.

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Dedans novembre (Inside November)

Yup, the title of this month’s newsletter is a nod to the classic album Dehors Novembre by the quintessential Montreal rock band Les Colocs, which we’ve had playing on repeat lately. With Montreal still in confinement, “Dedans” (inside) seems more appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

So here we all are,

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The Montreal Comic Arts Festival is a non-profit organization with a mission to be a leading platform for the comic arts in Quebec and beyond, to broaden public knowledge of and engagement with the comic arts, and to promote cultural exchanges and interactions between creators, readers, and the public at large.

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A Busy October

Green, yellow, orange, red… The names of colors that once brought to mind the glorious foliage of autumn are now just as likely to remind us that we’re still living in a difficult time, and that there continue to be limitations on our ability to get out with friends and loved ones.

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Call to Action – Bédélys Independent

We’ve started preparing for the 22nd annual Bédélys Awards, which reward the best and brightest comics from here and abroad.

It’s time to submit your work for consideration for the Bédélys Independent Awards,  a pair of prizes for the best self-published comics created in Quebec, with separate awards for comics published in French and in English.

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Back-to-School with MCAF

Look out your window and there’s no mistaking it: Fall is here, without a doubt.

So, in this season of back-to-school vibes, MCAF is determined to fill up your days with plenty of fun (and maybe even educational) activities to fill up the long evenings, and all revolving around the world of comic books! 

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The 9th MCAF, a real success!

(May 27th, 2020) As the 9th edition of the Montreal Comic Arts Festival just ended, it’s time to look at the result. This first online edition, which offered unique moments, has been remarkable in more ways than one! Highlights of the festival:

Numerous and Passionate Creators

The park La Fontaine was very quiet this year.

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