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The Montreal Comic Arts Festival is a non-profit organization with a mission to be a leading platform for the comic arts in Quebec and beyond, to broaden public knowledge of and engagement with the comic arts, and to promote cultural exchanges and interactions between creators, readers, and the public at large.

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A Busy October

Green, yellow, orange, red… The names of colors that once brought to mind the glorious foliage of autumn are now just as likely to remind us that we’re still living in a difficult time, and that there continue to be limitations on our ability to get out with friends and loved ones.

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Call to Action – Bédélys Independent

We’ve started preparing for the 22nd annual Bédélys Awards, which reward the best and brightest comics from here and abroad.

It’s time to submit your work for consideration for the Bédélys Independent Awards,  a pair of prizes for the best self-published comics created in Quebec, with separate awards for comics published in French and in English.

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Back-to-School with MCAF

Look out your window and there’s no mistaking it: Fall is here, without a doubt.

So, in this season of back-to-school vibes, MCAF is determined to fill up your days with plenty of fun (and maybe even educational) activities to fill up the long evenings, and all revolving around the world of comic books! 

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The 9th MCAF, a real success!

(May 27th, 2020) As the 9th edition of the Montreal Comic Arts Festival just ended, it’s time to look at the result. This first online edition, which offered unique moments, has been remarkable in more ways than one! Highlights of the festival:

Numerous and Passionate Creators

The park La Fontaine was very quiet this year.

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Lettres à Montréal a Success!

(May 8th, 2020) 26 creators, 26 anecdotes, 26 comics, one city: it was the crazy project that MCAF had set itself by launching its Ulule campaign to finance Lettres à Montréal. An even bigger project knowing that the campaign was launched at the start of the global coronavirus crisis!

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The poster of MCAF 2020 finally unveiled!

(Montreal, April 22) After Delaf and Dubuc, Jacques Ferrandez, Seth, Jean Paul Eid, Boum, Meags Fitzgerald and Liniers, for the 9th edition the Montreal Comic Arts Festival called on the talented Axelle Lenoir to design the poster.

An almost mysterious poster, with a young adventurer surrounded by raccoons who tries to cross a lake before diving into a space-time portal …

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