Do you Know the Bédélys Independent Anglophone Award Jury?


Do you Know the Bédélys Independent Anglophone Award Jury?

Created in 2020, the Bédélys Independent Anglophone Award, rewards the best self-published anglophone comic book in Quebec. In addition to the traditional trophy, he is accompanied by a $ 1,000 grant, a copy of Antidote+ Personal and a half-table offered by the Montreal Comic Arts Festival during its event.

Selection Criteria

The francophone and anglophone independent Bédélys categories are the only two that operate by submission. It is the creators who must send their work in duplicate to the planned drop-off points. To be accepted a submission must meet the following criteria:

  • Self-publication in English
  • Quebec resident artist
  • A print version must exist, webcomics that are not published in print will not be eligible
  • No artwork generated in whole or in parts by Artificial Intelligent (AI) will be accepted


Composed of readers who work in the book industry, this jury includes, among others, librarians and booksellers, but also publishers and all other book professionals. 

  • François Vigneault, cartoonist, mediator and Jury President
  • Francine Yulo, publisher
  • Alyssa Favreau, publisher
  • Adrian Desbiens-Benn, bookseller
  • Roxane Cayer Tardif, librarian

While we await the unveiling of the finalists for the 25th annual Bédélys Awards, we’d like to introduce you to the jury for the Bédélys Independent Anglophone and François Vigneault, the Jury President.

François talks to us about the growing importance of the prize in the Quebec comics landscape.

MCAF: Can you tell us a little about the jury? How many books does the jury read in an average year? What do the Bédélys Awards mean to you?

François: Each year we receive more submissions for the Bédelys Independent Anglophone Award, which is an amazing sign of the continuing importance of self-published comics here in Québec, in both French and English!
In 2020, when the prize was established, we only had 8 submissions, and this year we have well over 20, a record. This award, which it is worth mentioning includes a $1000 cash prize, is incredibly important for the comics community, by encouraging self-publishing and creative expression, the Bédélys Awards and MCAF are not only highlighting the excellence of Quebec comics, but also empowering the creative community to build the scene and continue to create amazing work in the years to come.

MCAF: Why do you think your jury category is important in the comics landscape?

François: Not only is self-publishing an essential element of the comics ecosystem, but having a dedicated English-language prize in the Bédélys Award is incredibly important in my opinion. There a vibrant anglophone community producing comics here in Québec, and many francophone creators are making an effort to translate their work into English as well, and I think that this back-and-forth has a huge long-term effect in bridging linguistic and cultural divides and should be encouraged as much as possible. Together we can build a better and more vibrant community!

MCAF: If you had to convince someone to get involved in the jury, what would you say?

François: I have been the President of the Bédélys Independent Anglophone Award since it was established. Being a part of the jury has been a wonderful way for me to connect with the diverse creative community here in Quebec, and also to do my part to highlight some truly exceptional work that is coming out of the Quebec scene, so for me it has truly been a privilege. Also, many (but not all) of the comics submitted are on the shorter side, so it doesn’t take all that much time to read them all!

The call for applications to join the jury for the 26th annual Bédélys Awards is now open.