Unveiling of the 2024 Poster


Unveiling of the 2024 Poster

The time has finally come to present the official poster of the 13th edition of MCAF!

has just been released.

We asked Jillian a few questions to find out more about her relationship with her public and Montreal.

Jillian will also be attending the Montreal Comic Arts Festival from May 24 to 26.

What is the strangest request you got during a book signing session?

Thankfully (?) I haven’t gotten too many strange requests. Or maybe I’ve blocked them out. I’m often surprised at signings though, like when people show me tattoos based on my drawings.
Sometimes people from my past will show up. Like my grade 10 math tutor.

Do you have any favorite spots in Montreal?

Is it too basic to say Mont-Royal itself?
My favourite thing to do when traveling is visiting urban parks.

Can you tell us the most memorable interaction you had with a fan?

Well I don’t know if they were a fan per se, but when I was naturalized as a US citizen, the person who handed me my certificate (mind you, this was a big production in a hall of a couple hundred people) asked if I was the one who made This One Summer.

What is your first memory at a comic books event as an artist?

One of my first comic conventions was Expozine in Montréal in the mid-2000s. I met people at that fair that I’m still friends with today.

What is your latest comic book crush?

Teresa Wong is a really exciting cartoonist who is about to release her second book, about her parents’ migration to Calgary.
I love learning that history, since that is my hometown too.

Photo: Anne-Marie Coultier