Thanks you folks!

Five years of MCAF, the fifth edition was explosive and we were happy to welcome you. We work hard so you can celebrate the best of comics, comic strips and enjoy the Ninth Art from Quebec and around the world.

You were more than 10 000 to visit and support the Montreal Comic Art Festival and we are thankful for your great participation.

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Yo, youngsters!

You’re aged 7 or 107, it doesn’t matter… we know you’re young at heart if you visit this page and our Festival. We’re hoping that this year, many people will discover through us the joy of comic books. And let’s be honest… those that don’t need much convincing are the young people.

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Please be our friend!

We’re cute, we’re friendly, we’re active and we’re young. Please be our friend!

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the Montreal Comic Arts Festival is launching the Friends of FBDM Circle. Inclusive and diverse, the Circle promises that each member will find something for them according to their interests.

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May, Comics month

“April showers bring May flowers “said the famous adage. Well we like our flowers in paper, and that’s why we’re declaring May to be the month of Comics! What we used to call the OFF! Festival officially becomes the Comics month, thanks to the Bibliothèques de Montréal, who’s behind the initiative.

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It’s party time at the FBDM!

It’s with joy and emotion that we’re finally unveiling the maginificient poster of the 5th Montreal Comic Arts Festival! And what’s a better way to celebrate than to launch our Friends of FBDM Circle? Let the party begins!

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Mark your calendars!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Montreal and its Comics Art Festival (FBDM) are looking forward to celebrating their wood anniversary in 2016, and everyone is invited to take part in the festivities. It’s already been five years and to mark the occasion, you are invited to visit Parc La Fontaine from May 27 to 29,

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Socially conscious comics…because they care!

“Writing books is fine, but sometimes we also have to change the world!”. This is what we can read on the Pow Pow editor’s website. During last February’ International Development Week, Pow Pow presented a comics series featuring themes that dealt with inequalities and social problems, climate change, health,

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Travel on the Ligne Rouge

Have you heard of La Ligne Rouge? It’s a funny and crazy comic strip of 40 episodes, published twice a week since February 9th, 2015 in the Metro newspaper. We follow Arnaud, Stef, Seb and Bongo the monkey’s adventures, while they try to find their way out of the Ligne Rouge.

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