English-speaking artists have their say in the Festival


English-speaking artists have their say in the Festival

At the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, we like to think big, and we like to think inclusive! This is why we’re going bilingual for the second year in a row, in order to create an eternal bond between us and the English-speaking community from here and everywhere on this planet.

 This year, on our fifth anniversary, we are proud that many scheduled activities will be held both in French and English, with some workshops given solely in the tongue of Shakeasp… Shakkesp… Chakesp… d’Archie.

A sample of what you’ll get:  

– A visit from Canadian author Chester Brown, whose new book Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus (Drawn & Quarterly), is at the center of an exhibition presented at Espace La Fontaine during the month of May;

– A series of exchanges with writers from Canada and elsewhere (Chris Oliveros, Jens Harder, Chester Brown et Cory Levine), hosted by The Gazette journalist Ian McGillis;

– Workshops where you’ll learn how to publish a digital comic book, how to create a comic book blog, how to draw simultaneously with both hands, etc.;

– Many bilingual round tables, including a discussion on the indie circle and the intricate link between comic books and sexuality;

– A bilingual show by the Burlesgeek gang, “Comic Boobs”, where your favourite superheroes will expose their most inner secrets…;

– Exhibitioners from Montréal and the United States, including Spilt Ink, Ethan Rilly, First Edition Publishing, Jason Kieffer, Jerel Dye and many more!

So you better attend, we’ll be waiting for you.