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BD d’auteur, Fantastique

I´m a french drawing artist, 2d animator and multimedia director, living in Montréal and working with multidisciplinary arts. I begun my career working with motion on illustrated graphics and feature lenght film then i joined Moment Factory to further explore new mediums on huge canvas. As a visual artist I create my own visual language as FREDC. I love to create imaginary worlds and weird characters especially. My stories talk about wandering and my drawing are a flirtation with the subconscious the dream-like with fragmented storytelling. I try to create visual poetry around moments lost between reality and imagination. À Montréal je vais lancer mon troisième roman graphique avec TRIP, The TRAVELLER 2. Suite de TRAVELLER 1 qui fut nominé pour un prix Bédélys en 2015.


The TRAVELLER, volume un et deux.

Prix gagnés

Nomination, prix Bédélys indépendant en 2015.

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2014, 2016, 2017, 2018