Why Support the Montreal Comic Arts Festival?

Good to Know

MCAF is the only Montreal event that is exclusively dedicated to the promotion of the comic arts. It’s the best place to bring together comic book creators and their public. The festival directly supports creators through the presentation of the Bédélys Awards and the publications of Presses du FBDM / MCAF Press.

Comic books are the fastest-growing sector of book trade sales and library loans.


Founded in 2011, the Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF) is dedicated to promoting the various aspects of the comic arts to the city’s public and to encourage exchanges between creators, the public, and other stakeholders in the comic arts.

MCAF is a unique environment for spreading knowledge about Quebecois comic arts in the greater Montreal area.

Digital Presence

For the ninth annual edition of the Festival, MCAF has thrown itself into a brand new adventure, with a 100% digital slate of programming accessible directly on its website. This is an exciting first that is certain to jumpstart future experiments in bringing MCAF’s mission to the web.

A Crossroads for Comics 

The Montreal Comic Arts Festival/Festival BD de Montréal presente an event which is bilingual, open to the public, and completely free in the heart of the city in La Fontaine Park. This open, outdoor setting has become a central part of MCAF’s identity, with a bucolic physical setting that is conductive to peaceful reading as well as vibrant social interactions.

We have three areas of development for the festivities:

  • Exhibitors
  • Expositions
  • Programming

These three areas allow MCAF to capitalize on its role as a crossroads for connections, and to showcase the value of the comic arts as cultural good, including its relevance to Quebec, Canada, and the international arena. The arrangement of each of these areas is managed in collaboration with the community on a local and international level.

National and International Influence

After nine years, the influence of MCAF has grown. The Festival has long welcomed creators from Europe and the United States, put on expositions that were developed by other festivals and organizations from around the world, and has been invited to represent the comics community of Quebec in other countries. Through these varied outreach programs, MCAF is furthering our mission, carving out a place in the cultural landscape of Montreal, and connecting with the broader world of comic arts festivals and organizations around the world.

Meeting Point

In addition to our annual Festival, MCAF is connected with many events and activities year-round, staring with our monthly Book Club focusing on BD quebecoise, which encourages reading, discovering our local talents, and building community.

The Comics Universe section of our site includes:

  • A calendar of comics-related events in the greater Montreal region, updated weekly
  • A list of comics specialty stores and bookshops in Montreal
  • Links to podcasts about comics and bande dessinée

Recognizing our Creators

The Bédélys Awards has been presented to comic book creators since 1999 by the organization Promo 9e Art. Since 2019, the Awards have been  administered by the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, and these prizes are an extraordinary tool for the promotion of the comic arts, the encouragement of reading, and recognition of Quebec’s many talented creators. There are five categories, and each prize is accompanied by a one-of-a-kind trophy, created by a local artisan from recycled materials. 


The MCAF organization is notable for its stability. The organizing committee, formed largely of volunteers, has enjoyed the same membership for five years, some of these individuals have been involved with MCAF since the Festival’s inception. MCAF’s General Director has been at the head of the organization for six years. The expertise of our team has grown with the Festival itself. The management is participatory, leading to a strong sense of belonging and ownership, a feeling that is essential to the long-term health of a volunteer organization.

Our Board of Directors is composed of professionals from a range of backgrounds. They have brought a sense of strategic thought to MCAF since 2016, with continual updates over the years. The governance of the Board is rigorous.

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