About Rig





Youth, Teen

Rig has been a graphic designer since the early 2000s, but has always had a rather atypical background. Initially self-taught, he quickly distinguished himself during his graphic design studies. He won a few awards and after a few years in publishing graphic design, he directed his professional career towards artistic direction and advertising. Despite this, his soul as an artist draws him and pushes him towards the world of books. The comic strip Les phylacterribles written and illustrated in collaboration with Alex S. Girard, is his first title published by Michel Quintin. Then illustrates Les vies de Lilo, written by author Makina at Les Zaillées in the same year. He is currently writing a series of children’s novels, comics such as The Monster School, illustrated by Naum Caffar and many more projects to come.


L'école monstre, chez Ediligne (2022-)
avec Naüm Caffar

Les Phylacterribles, chez Michel Quintin (2021-)
avec Alex S.Girard

Guest at MCAF