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Olivier Robin holds a PhD in mechanical engineering, a master's degree in transportation acoustics and 20 years of experience in acoustics/vibration research and development. As sound is rarely seen, he has developed an interest and skills in scientific communication over the years. The intersection of all these interests led Olivier to propose the participation of Quebec cartoonists in the Université de Sherbrooke's popularization competition, which has included a comic strip category since 2021. Together with Benoît Leblanc, Olivier then created a course in scientific communication through comics, taught at the Université de Sherbrooke since 2020. In 2021, these two colleagues co-edited the bilingual collection Dessine Ta Science/Draw Your Science, which includes comic strips created by students, researchers and cartoonists. One thing led to another, and acoustics and comics came together for Olivier, with presentations for the general public, an ongoing study of onomatopoeia in comics, and the publication in November 2022 of a seven-page comic strip in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, the reference journal in acoustics since 1929. This comic strip, designed to explain the decibel scale, was created with cartoonist Catherin (Apo, Bédélys Independent Award 2019, Saperli!). Olivier also collaborates with Marsi (Miam Miam Fléau, Colis 22, Partie de Pêche) on acoustic-related cartoon content. As there's more to life than acoustics, Olivier also writes screenplays. He asked Étienne to work on the most accomplished one, and after a year of working together, they published Tuer le peintre in December 2021. Since then, they have several joint and secret projects in the pipeline. Finally, Olivier loves to cook (he won second prize for his blueberry jam at the Brome Agricultural Fair in 2022), and sometimes has time to make a little music.


Tuer le peintre – Moelle graphik, 2023


Bédélys indépendant 2022
Nomination Bédéis causa 2024

MCAF 2024

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