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Xavier Cadieux



Author’s Graphic Novel, Fantastic, Humour

Teen, Adult

Xavier Cadieux, lives in Montreal. In 2015 he published his first album at La Mauvaise Tête, Les 500 Premiers Cadieux, an autobiographical story if ''autobiographical'' meant something else entirely, more fictional and absurd. The following year he published Mon Gros Lit Chaud or J'ai vu comment j'allais mourir, a collection of self-published works on the web sprinkled with a good dose of chaos magic. In 2019 he draws La Pitoune et la Poutine with Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau in the texts for Éditions Pow Pow, a real golden egg. He publishes with Byanca Bert the zine Du Bon Manger, 3 numéro, short strips on food and the relationship to food.


La Pitoune et la Poutine, chez Pow Pow (2019)
avec Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau

Guest at MCAF

2015, 2017, 2022, 2023