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Samuel Cantin



Author’s Graphic Novel, Humour

Teen, Adult

Samuel Cantin is a comic book artist, writer and director based in Montreal. He started making comics in 2010 (which doesn't make us any younger), with his blog Phobies des moments seuls, which was then published by Pow Pow. His second graphic novel, Vil et misérable, was published in 2013. He has also written a web series and short films. His epic saga Whitehorse has been adapted into an animated film at the NFB, as well as on stage at Duceppe. Shérif Junior is his fifth book for Pow Pow.


J'aime pas ta robe – Monsieur Ed, 2023 (avec Danielle Chaperon)
Shérif Junior – Pow Pow, 2023
Whitehorse – Pow Pow, 2015-2017 (publié en intégral en 2021)


2016 : Bédélys Québec pour Whitehorse

MCAF 2024

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