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Samuel Cantin



Author’s Graphic Novel, Humour

Teen, Adult

Samuel Cantin is a comic book writer. He has published five graphic novels with Éditions Pow Pow, including Vil et misérable (2013) and Whitehorse (Bédélys Award for the best comic book of the year in Quebec in 2016). His latest, Shérif Junior - Il y a quelque chose de poussiére à Sorel-sur-Poussière, has just been published. He is also the writer of the web series Sylvain le Magnifique (2018), the short films Monsieur Cachemire (2019) and Maestro (2021), and the director of the animated short Le Syndrome de la tortue (NFB, 2021). His comic books Whitehorse and Vil et misérable will both have their own adaptation, the first for the theater and the second for the cinema.


Shérif Junior, chez Pow Pow (à paraître le 23/05/2023)

Whitehorse, chez Pow Pow (2015-2017) et publié en intégral en 2021

Vil et misérable, chez Pow Pow (2013)

Guest at MCAF

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