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Sandra Breault



Author’s Graphic Novel, Humour

Teen, Adult

Recipient of the Jacques-Hurtubise award in 2022, illustrator and comic strip author Sandra Breault found the arrival of a puppy at home an inexhaustible source of anecdotes. In Toutes les nuances de bruit, her self-published comic strip, she explores their first year of cohabitation with a great dose of self-mockery, and tells us how the evolution of this little animal took her through all ranges of emotions.


Toutes les nuances de bruit T.1 – édition à compte d’auteur, 2023
Fable des trois mégères – éditions Studio Coopératif Premières Lignes, 2009
Macralle, sorcière des eaux – édition à compte d’auteur, 2008


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