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Born in Baie-Comeau, Patrick Blanchette now lives in L'Ancienne-Lorette. At an early age, he learned to create comic strips by imitating his older brother. When his brother decided to take up weightlifting, Patrick decided to get stronger with his pencil skills. He discovered Japanese animation on television, and was then introduced to American cartoons while studying at CEGEP: these two influences would definitively forge his style. It was also at this time that Aube's story was born. Patrick continued his training in animation and storyboarding at Université Laval. He was soon noticed and hired by a number of animation studios, but this didn't stop him from continuing to refine his young heroine's saga, which he was already imagining for the small screen. Eager to tell Aube's story, he came up with the idea of transposing it into a comic strip. Passionate, he sharpened his pencil, rolled up his sleeves and plunged headfirst into the adventure on paper. When he's not drawing (which he does almost all the time), Patrick enjoys cooking, following the news, playing video games, listening to animated series with his partner and taking long walks.


Aube du monde des rêves – 2021 à 2024 (série), Presses aventure

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