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François Brisson has drawn constantly since his childhood. After studying in graphic design and doing some comics for Titanic magazine, his path crossed that of animation. He participated in the beginning of the animation industry in Quebec in the early ’80s and more particularly in Montreal. Armed with his natural talent, he learned the ropes of the world of animation by working in different studios, deepening his knowledge and expertise with passion. He started as an intervalist, then an animator until the final stage, supervising and directing. Many projects or series produced in animation are based on existing works; children's books, toys or comics and their transposition to the small screen is never easy. But he managed to do it successfully. In the book on the history of animation in Canada, Cartoon Capers (McArthur and Company), author Karen Mazurkewich writes: “François Brisson was a master of adaptation magic. It’s not an easy task, especially when authors insisting upon creative control, don’t understand the problems inherent in transferring their drawings to animation.” He has directed several international co-productions television series : Marsupilami, Robinson Sucroë, Ripley’s Believe it or not, Vortech, Arsène Lupin, Inuk and several others including Adventures in the Lost World of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which received a Gémeau for best animated series. He co-directed the film Snowtime! as well as the sequel Racetime!, which enjoyed enormous success in Canada and internationally. Comics remain his first love. He is very happy to be able to rediscover, after all these years in animation and storyboarding, the pleasure of creating another universe with the adventures of Princess Izha-Ba.


Le temple des dieux Fous / The temple of the Crazed Gods – Éditions Izhaba, 2021 / 2023
Perle Bleuet – Éditions Izhaba, 2023
Cycle Météore – Éditions Izhaba, 2024

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