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Julie Delporte is a multidisciplinary author and artist born in France in 1983. She now lives in Tiohtiá:ke / Montreal. She wrote several graphic novels published by Éditions Pow Pow, including Journal, Moi aussi je voulais l’emporter and Corps Vivante. She also published a children's book, Je suis un raton laveur (la courte échelle) and a poetry book illustrated with etchings, Décroissance sexuelle (L’Oie de Cravan). Corps vivante is her most recent book. She sometimes writes literary essays, creates illustrations for various magazines and publishing houses, and collaborates on collective publications. Along all of this, Julie Delporte explores different printing techniques (screen printing, risography and engraving), creates fanzines, gives creative workshops and makes ceramic pieces.


Corps Vivante | Portrait of a Body – Pow Pow (2022) | Drawn & Quarterly (2024)
Moi aussi je voulais l'emporter – Pow Pow (2017)
Je vois des antennes partout | Everywhere Antennas – Pow Pow (2015) | Drawn & Quarterly (2014)

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