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Aniss El Hamouri



Adventure/Detective, Author’s Graphic Novel, Essay, Fantastic, Manga, Sociopolitical

Teen, Adult

Born in Morocco, Aniss El Hamouri moves in Belgium after his high school years. There, he studies for a bachelor in ESA Saint Luc in Liège and then for a master in the school of fine arts of Liège. He lives in Brussels where he works in illustration and comics. In 2017, published by Vide Cocagne, his first book Comme un Frisson comes out and has been since republished by 6 pieds sous terre (his new publisher). His second book, Ils Brûlent 1 : Cendre et Rivière, first volume of a trilogie has been printed in october 2022 by 6 pieds sous terre. Aside from his work for main publishers, he has a long time activity in the field of small press and self publishing. Namingly, through the structure of small publishing Brumeville he cofounded with his friends Thomas Vermeire and Docteur Lunet.

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Ils Brûlent (trilogie en cours), chez 6 pieds sous terre
1 - Cendre et Rivière (2022)

Comme un Frisson, chez Vide Cocagne (2017)

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