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Emmanuel Filteau



Fantastic, Humour, Sci-Fi


When I was a kid, Astérix, Lucky Luke, Tintin, Red Ketchup and Jérôme Bigras were all over the walls of my playroom. Later, I discovered Fluide Glacial (Gotlib, Larcenet...), manga (Otomo, Miura, Toriyama...), Métal Hurlant (Moebius, Druillet...) and British comics (Judge Dredd, Tank Girl...). I've always drawn, but it was at Cégep in the late 90s, in admiration of the liveliness of Montreal's underground scene (Valium, Suicide, Doucet...), that I started making my first fanzines. In my work, I try to fuse the clear lines of Franco-Belgian art with British humor, while retaining the artistic autonomy of the underground. Since I started out, I've written, drawn and published 9 self-published comics. I've also translated and published four of these titles in English (or, in Stan Lee's language). Although scriptwriting began in the early 2000s, it was in 2017 that I published the first volume of Contes de l'Interface. Since then, my series has received rave reviews both in Quebec and around the world. A regular at FBDM for over 5 years, I've also taken part in the Festival de BD de Québec, Expozine and TCAF. I carry out all my comics projects at the same time as my career as a user experience designer and my role as a father. I cultivate my garden in the suburbs of Montreal.


Contes de l'Interface (V.F.) - 2017, autoédition
Tales from the Interface (V.A.) - 2018, autoéditon

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