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Saymone, first and last name of the artist, has been drawing since he learned to sharpen a pencil with his teeth. He went on to produce parodies for the student newspaper in CEGEP, then continued his career with Safarir magazine. One of those comic artists who can draw faster than his shadow, he has taken part in La BD S'Improvise (Impro BD) events at festivals such as FDBM, Cégep en Spectacle and Zoofest. He was also the live illustrator for the theatrical comedies Les Vacances de Peggy Sue (presented at Zoofest in 2016) and Rapides et Pas Dangereux (at the Festival Juste Pour Rire in 2023), where sets, objects, vehicles and characters were drawn, animated and projected onto a large screen, interacting with the actors. He self-published Cyclotronik in 2023 and is publishing Basavangaza this year (2024).


Cyclotronik – auto-édition (2023)
Blobarcuda contre Cybernnosaurus Rex – auto-édition (2014)
Il était une fois un cartooniste – auto-édition (2013)

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