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Writer and author. She has published novels, short stories and graphic novels, some of which have been translated and published abroad. In 2010 she won the Full Comics award for best screenwriter. In 2018, she won the prize for best children’s book at the Festival dei Piccoli Lettori - La lettura ti fa grande, with the graphic novel Sulla collina, published by Tunué. In 2023, his graphic novel Lucille degli Acholi won the ORBIL Award for Independent Youth Bookstores. She also directed a short animated film for the Library of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Elbe. In the field of fiction, she has published short stories and anthologies for which she has received several awards. She was one of the authors awarded the Italo Calvino Prize (25th edition). In 2014, she was among the ten finalists for the Tedeschi Prize, which ensures the winner a publication in the polar collection of Mondadori editions. In 2022 and 2023 she was also among the ten finalists of the Gran Giallo città di Cattolica Prize and the seven finalists of the Gialloluna Neronotte Prize, both organized by the polar collection Il Giallo Mondadori. She collaborates with the literary agency Dedalo. She also teaches scenario writing at the Grafite School of Comics, Drawing and Illustration. She has also conducted several screenwriting seminars at the Italian School of Comics in Naples and in France at the University of Aix-Marseille.

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Charlotte Salomon, i colori dell'anima / Charlotte Salomon, les couleurs de l'âme, chez Becco Giallo (2019), pour l'édition en italien, et chez Nouveau monde éditions (2023), pour l'édition française

Lucille / Lucille degli Acholi, chez Il Castoro (2022) pour l'édition en italien, et chez les éditions Paquet (2023) pour l'édition en français

Sulla collina, chez Tunué (2016) pour l'édition en italien

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