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Djief (real name Jean-François Bergeron) is a comic book writer born in 1971 and living in Quebec City. With in hand studies in graphic design and a passage to computer graphics and video games, he turns in the early 2000s to the 9th art by making short stories for the newspaper Spirou on scripts by Alcante. Later, with Nicolas Jarry, he publishes with Soleil the series Le Crépuscule des dieux and then solo two diptychs, one of S-F entitled White Crows and the other taking place in the New-York of the 20's with the title of Broadway: A street in America. After a trilogy in the universe of the Liaisons dangereuses published by Glénat, he is still working with Stéphane Betbeder on Créatures, a new general public series published by Dupuis.


Créatures, chez Dupuis (2021-2022)

Broadway - Une rue en Amérique, chez Quadrants (2014-2015)

Le Crépuscule des dieux, chez Soleil (2007-2016)

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