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Gautier Langevin

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Gautier Langevin is an author and publisher with a weird name born in Montreal in 1984. Fascinated by the hybridation of genres and popular culture, he has contributed to several magazines including Solaris, Trip and Biscuit Chinois, in addition to having published two books at Ta Mère publishing (Sens unique and M.I.C.H.E.L.T.R.E.M.B.L.A.Y). The comic book series Far Out, which he created alongside Olivier Carpentier, was a finalist at the Shuster Awards, the Bédéis Causa and the Boréal Awards. Defining himself as a happy pessimist, he hopes to live from his pen for a while, before an artificial intelligence relegates his creed to contemplation.


Far Out, chez les Éditions Lounak (2014-2020)
avec Olivier Carpentier

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