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Author’s Graphic Novel, Historic, Humour

Teen, Adult

The Saturnome (Saturnomius Bédéus) is a rare animal that can be found in the metropolitan area of Quebec. It can be seen in its natural habitats, such as an "artist's studio", or simply in front of a computer screen. To survive, he produces "comic strips" in exchange for "money". His "work" can be seen here and there on the "Internet", and also in various publications for over a decade; it can also be found in "Québec Science magazine" for about five years. The Saturnome doesn't bite and is very clean. If you come across one, it is customary to buy one of his "comic strips"; you can also simply give him money since he loves it.


Saturnome – webcomic (depuis 2013)
RPG Maker Mag – autoédité

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