A Word from the Director | MCAF’s 2024 theme


A Word from the Director | MCAF’s 2024 theme

Happy New Year to all!

Our team is back in the office and hard at work preparing the next edition of the festival, which will take place from May 24 to 26 on Saint-Denis Street. So it seems like the perfect time to start sharing what’s coming up.

The theme of our October 2023 conference was so rich that we wanted to explore it further. I am therefore excited to announce that Beyond borders will be the theme of the 13th Montreal Comic Arts Festival.

It’s a fitting theme, as we begin the year with many active conflicts around the globe, migrants seeking new homes and populations divided on various issues. Our world is woven of invisible lines, of borders that are crossed and evolve over time. One of the greatest strengths of comics is to share human experiences and tell these stories.

But what are comics? Many people have examined the question and come up with definitions, but the art evolves, changes and adapts. Whether it’s through stylistic exercises, the explosion of panels or the use of gutters, authors are having fun with the medium and challenging the codes we’ve become accustomed to.

Our theme will therefore touch on political, geographical, social, cultural, graphic, metaphorical, real and imaginary borders. But don’t worry, no matter how serious the subject may seem, we guarantee you’ll have lots of fun and make some great discoveries, and we can’t wait to see you in May.

Which artists related to our theme would you like to meet at the next festival?

– Mélanie La Roche, Executive Director

Portrait: Boum