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Writer and storyteller, Lylian was born on April 12, 1975. As a child, he quickly grew up in a reality that was both strange and foreign to him. So Lylian embellishes it, reinvents it to make it his own and manages to create a universe that resembles him, racy and imbued with a sensitive humanity. In 2004, the publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés became interested in his work and published L'Éveil du Kurran, drawn by Dune, a one-shot that Lylian co-wrote with Nori. In 2011, the publisher Clair de Lune published his new children's series: Les Aventures débridées de Kenji le ninja created with a young artist, Loïc Chevallier. In 2012, Lylian publishes the first volume of a hard and classic western, the first stone of a diptych drawn by Augustin Lebon and colored by Hugo Poupelin. The first volume of The Reverend is completed by a second in April 2015, published by Emmanuel Proust. When he was approached to write the adaptation of La Quête d'Ewilan, Lylian literally plunged into the sensitive and grandiose universe of Pierre Bottero. To do so, he collaborated with Laurence Baldetti and Loïc Chevallier. The first volume is published by Glénat in 2013 and is a great critical and public success. The Ewilan adventure is launched. Since then, he has invested this universe through the writing of a dozen volumes. He is also behind the series La Famille Fantastique (2016), L'Aventure Fantastique (2018), Méto (2018) and more recently Les Géants. Resides in Montreal.


Les Géants, chez Glénat (2020-2022)

La Quête d'Ewilan, chez Glénat (2013-2022)
avec Laurence Baldetti, Pierre Bottero, Loïc Chevalier

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