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Nick Micho



Fantastic, Sci-Fi

Teen, Adult

First known for his illustrations of heavy metal icons that have spread around the world, Nick now devotes himself to his unconditional love: comics. In order to have full control over his creations, he founded his own publishing house, Sawin Editions, where he published the epic Blackrose Saga, and two collectives on the paranormal in Quebec. He is also the author of the very popular series Bière Dessinée. Fueled by new challenges, Nick has many ideas in mind for other comic book projects with motivated and talented people.


Bière Dessinée – Éditions Sawin (2020-2022)
Blackrose Saga – Éditions Sawin (2018-2021)
Chroniques du Grimoire Noir – Éditions Sawin (2023-2024)

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