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Adventure/Detective, Author’s Graphic Novel, Fantastic, Humour, Sociopolitical, Sci-Fi

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Keenan Poloncsak is a multidisciplinary artist spécializing in comic and children's book illustration. All his books are sef published and often bound by himself. Poloncsak works full time at ''The Bookbinder of the Faubourgs'', his traditional bookbindery situated in Montréal's ''Faubourg à m'lasse'' borough. He will be launching his new comic anthology (The Complete Pro-canthology) at his kiosque at MCAF on May 26th 2023.


Pro-Can (ibalizm), self-publishing

Squid-Gee, self-publishing

Opossum's Landing (L'Arrivée des Opossums), self-publishing

The Fart Slide Gallery (G.P.T.D.B.D. au pays des culs cassés), self-publishing

Guest at MCAF

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