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Julien Poitras



Author’s Graphic Novel, Fantastic, Sci-Fi


Julien Poitras completed a bachelor's degree in visual arts at Université Laval in 1987; he devotes himself to illustration, comics, bookbinding and publishing. In 2008, he founded Les éditions Moelle graphique, which for 10 years published more than thirty titles in small tirages, carefully produced and bound by hand. He works on books as objects, aiming for the adequacy of the form with the content in an often atypical production, on the fringes of comic strip, reinforcing the author's point. In 2018, with a few colleagues, he launched Les éditions Moelle graphik, the commercial counterpart of Moelle graphique, a non-profit organization which distributes more widely titles approached with the same care, but industrially produced.


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