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Montrealer Rupert Bottenberg is a visual artist, editor, writer, event producer, and content curator. In the early 1990s, Bottenberg founded the Montreal Comic Art Jams, a series of multidisciplinary events centred on the creation of improvised, collaborative comics. After contributing to Vice in its early newspaper stage, Bottenberg served as music editor of the Montreal Mirror, the city’s leading English-language newsweekly, from 1998 to 2011. Bottenberg has also been a central participant in Montreal-based visual art initiative En Masse, an extensive series of improvised collaborative mural productions, as well as En Masse For the Masses, the initiative’s pedagogical offshoot. In 2019, Bottenberg returned to cultural media as co-founder of the bilingual music website PANM360. He is also the director of Axis, the animation section of Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival. Bottenberg’s 2012 book of graphic literature, Traumstadtdenken (Éditions Trip), won Quebec’s annual Bédélys Indépandant award. Further books of comics and graphic literature include Traumstadtdenken 2 (Trip) and Fourscore Phantasmagores (CZP). His most recent visual arts project is the assemblage sculpture series, Moduli.


Between Gentlemen, published by Conundrum Press (ongoing)

Traumstadtdenken, published by Éditions Trip (2013)

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