Table ronde : Sympathy for the Devil: Creating Challenging (Yet Captivating) Characters

samedi 27 mai 2023

de 18:00 à 19:00

Hub - C 20 - Section C

*** Seulement en Anglais ***

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Bad behaviour, suspect motivations, problematic attitudes, and cringe-worthy moments: Graphic novels and comics have a long and proud history of showcasing characters who push way beyond the narrow confines of the "likeable protagonist." Cartoonists know that flawed, exasperating, and even straight-up monstrous characters are not only a lot of fun to write, but also can serve as a dark mirror for examining both individual failings and societal dysfunctions writ large. What are the challenges and opportunities in creating characters that readers will love despite (or perhaps because of) their flaws?
Come listen in as creators Aisha Franz (Work-Life Balance) Walter Scott (Wendy: Master of Art) and Joe Ollmann (Fictional Father) discuss the ways they bring their challenging and captivating characters to life on the page.

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