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Axelle Lenoir is a French Canadian comic book artist born in the tiny gap between Gen X and Millennials. 6977 days later, she debuted in the animation industry, because it looked fun--and she didn’t know better. A grave mistake! The large production teams, combined with the obligation to interact with people soon got the best of her. Instead, to survive, she turned to the another passion of hers: comic books. She devised a plan to become a rich and successful comic artist within two years. Since that day, she has improved her drawing skills, and (thankfully) learned to write. She even had some measures of success! Alas, she is not yet rich. She has, however, published a dozen books in Canada and Europe. Camp Spirit and What If We Were (Top Shelf Productions) are her first English-language books. She's currently working on a weird autobiography series titled Secret Passages, which the first volume is now available. Axelle's writing style is a mix between humor, everyday life situations, fantasy and comic strips. She likes to write about women, teenagers, folklore, parallel universes and stupid cats. Her inspiration mostly comes from the barbaric music she listens to, as well as all the things previously listed.


Si on était, chez Front Froid (2022)

L'esprit du Camp, chez Studio Lounak (2017-2018)
avec Cab

Guest at MCAF

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