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Comic book artist and author since the early 1990s, Eldiablo began in the pages of the magazine Psikopat, where his pieces of life as a young suburbanite then gave birth to the animated series Lascars. Constantly navigating between the worlds of comics, cinema and TV series (he is also one of the authors of the famous Kassos series, with Balak), he has never let go of his first passion, and has collaborated on numerous prestigious magazines as a scriptwriter and designer: Aaarg, Fluide glacial… He currently collaborates with Romain Baudy and Reno (albums in the making for Glénat and Le Lombard), and is co-writing a TV series for France TV Slash. Carcajou is his first comic strip published by Sarbacane.


Carcajou – 2024, Sarbacane
Magané – 2023, Glénat Québec
Space Connexion (2 tomes avec Romain Baudy) – 2022, Glénat Québec

MCAF 2024


Drawing Conversation : Se livrer en BD

Saturday, May 25, 2024

from 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm

All audience

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La Fab à dessin - C 17

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Librairie Gallimard   D31

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