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Writer, scriptwriter, music lover and musician, Dominique Carrier is a lover of words in all their forms. He discovered his passion for the 9th art while writing short stories for various collectives alongside Jeik Dion, a brother-in-arms and long-time friend. The two soon embarked on the world of self-publishing, creating limited-edition publications including GRIP, which was shortlisted for the Bédélys Independent Award in 2014. In addition to writing, Dominique explores new creative avenues with his music project, Mood. In 2021, the pandemic forced Dominique to do the inconceivable: he put his own comic book online... which he drew himself. By bringing to life the adventures of his canine character Jean-Luc Wouf, he challenges himself and decides to produce one comic strip a week, the goal being to make people smile. In fall 2023, Front Froid publishes Skate Park, a project on which Dominique and Jeik Dion have been working for several years. The 300-page comic book benefits from the work of colourist Charlotte Gagnon-Soucy and finally sees the light of day.


Skate Park – 2023, Front Froid

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