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Marc Tessier



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Marc Tessier began his career in comic books in Quebec in 1987. As an editor at Gogo Guy Publications, les éditions Premières Lignes, Éditions TRIP and Moelle Graphik, he has supervised the publication of more than 80 books. He has also produced photo novels and a book of photographic portraits of comic artists in Quebec. As an author, he has published with Fantagraphics Books, Delcourt, and Conundrum press. He is the scriptwriter and architect of the book on René Lévesque published by Moelle Graphik and co-author with Siris of Un Paris pour Dallaire published by La Pastèque.


Un Paris Pour Dallaire, chez La Pastèque (2022)
avec Pierre Sirois

René Lévesque : Quelque chose comme un grand homme, chez Moelle Graphik (2021)
et al

Guest at MCAF

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