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The fluorescent digits on the dial read 4:00. AM, PM, it doesn't matter, because I haven't seen the Sun for 9 months in a row. The only light reflecting on my vampiric complexion is that of the multiple screens, damned windows through which I can envy the progress of my colleagues like an odious voyeur. As I wake up, my eyelids and lips are sealed by a crust of dead skin, like a mummy whose eternal sleep has been interrupted. I sit up in my bed, drenched in perspiration - a sour sweat that could well be the distillation of the nightmares that haunted me during this brief, restless nap. Without delay, I switch on my iPad and pick up my pencil again, my hand tense with tendonitis approaching rigor mortis. I love making comics!


Syzygie (co-auteurs: Philippe Shewchenko et Raphaël Tarte) - À paraître
Le Tarot Pioïde, deuxième édition (2023 - autopublié)
René Lévesque : Quelque chose comme un grand homme - Chapitre 2 : Dachau (2021 - Moelle Graphik)

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