About Robin Bourget-Godbout

Robin Bourget-Godbout


Adventure/Detective, Author’s Graphic Novel

Teen, Adult

Robin Bourget-Godbout was born in Montreal in 1988. Traveling the world in the pages of Tintin, Spirou et Fantasio, Blake et Mortimer, Michel Risque or Red Ketchup albums from an early age, he grew up surrounded by comic books. He quickly developed an interest in fiction in all its forms and was fascinated by adventure stories full of suspense and twists. He studied film scriptwriting at the University of Quebec in Montreal and then wrote and directed a few amateur short film and webseries projects. He finally landed in a video game studio where he is currently a producer, but he always answers the call when the time comes to tell a story...


Heureux qui comme Ugo, chez La Pastèque (2023)
avec Réal Godbout

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