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Louis Rémillard is a comic book author with a long track record. He began to publish in 1973, producing a series of publications oscillating between humour and narrative research. In 2008, his book Voyage en zone d’exploitation earned a nomination for the Bédéis-Causa Award, and he received the Marc-Olivier Lavertu Award from the students achieving a degree in comic at UQO. Passionate about the culture of the First Nations while traveling the rivers of Quebec by canoe, he tackled his magnum opus, a trilogy on the First Nations. Le retour de l’Iroquois was the first volume; it would then be followed by Traces de mocassins (May 2020) and Les routes de troc (2022). These three volumes are the summary of exhaustive research and offer a detailed and original recreation of the life of the First Nations and first settlers in Quebec. Rémillard combines characters drawn with clear lines with a breathtaking interpretation of Quebec nature.


Trace de mocassins – 2019, Moelle graphik

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