The poster of MCAF 2020 finally unveiled!


The poster of MCAF 2020 finally unveiled!

(Montreal, April 22) After Delaf and Dubuc, Jacques Ferrandez, Seth, Jean Paul Eid, Boum, Meags Fitzgerald and Liniers, for the 9th edition the Montreal Comic Arts Festival called on the talented Axelle Lenoir to design the poster.

An almost mysterious poster, with a young adventurer surrounded by raccoons who tries to cross a lake before diving into a space-time portal … highlighting the exceptional passage this year of the MCAF from the Parc Lafontaine to a 100% digital festival! The warm raccoons remind us that the conviviality and this little “touch of madness” that exists every year under the marquees of the festival will be found online with a lot of planned activities.

A few words about Axelle Lenoir:

Surprise. It’s a word that fits Axelle Lenoir well. To understand it, it may still be her own description that allows us to better do so.

She was “born in the tiny space of time separating Generation X from the millennials” and launched herself “6,977 days later in the field of animation”, a sector with… a little too much human interaction for her! The comic book then opened its arms to her. As you can see, she has a unique style, a mix of mainstream, underground, humor, intimate and fantastic. A unique style but, as she likes to remember, especially not close to manga. This particular touch has enabled her to create a dozen comics, including the remarkable “L’esprit du camp”, a series based on some of her favorite themes, as women, teenagers, folklore or .. the parallel universes! Now the United States is waiting for her with the forthcoming translation of “Camp Spirit” and “What if we Were”.

Her poster of a young Indiana Jones from Montreal parks is a good mix of her work, and perfectly fits the spirit of the FBDM this year!

About the 9th edition of the MCAF :

MCAF will be held entirely online this year from May 22 to 24, 2020 on our website. Drawing battles, live conversation with authors, round tables… many activities are planned! The festival is also proud to announce that we have officially launching the Presses du FBDM | MCAF Press, the first book will be published for the festival. 24 authors draw their “Letters à Montréal ”, a project that you can encourage here!

The Montreal Comic Arts Festival would like to thank its partners

MCAF would like to highlight the collaboration of its partners who contribute to the success of this 9th edition.

Thanks to : Patrimoine Canada; Conseil des Arts du Canada; Conseil des arts de Montréal; SODEC, Division Festivals et événements culturels de Montréal; l’Arrondissement Le-Plateau-Mont-Royal; Caisse de la culture Desjardins; Consulat général of France in Québec; l’Institut Goethe and the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques.

Our media partners : Le Devoir; CISM 89.3, la revue PLANCHES; The Montreal Gazette; Culture Cible as well as our booktuber Elise, from “A Book and a Cup”; Ariane, from “Miz Littérature” and Chantal, from “La Bibliothèque Jaune”.

The participation and commitment of the team, which is largely made up of volunteers, cannot be ignored, as they enthusiastically embark on a huge project just eight weeks before the end.

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Further Information:

Quentin Hocquinghem
Communications Coordinator
(514) 649 7352