Quebec Comics at the Angoulême Festival


Quebec Comics at the Angoulême Festival

Showcasing Quebec comics to the world

Every year the Canal BD network, an association of over 100 comics speciality stores, heads to the Angoulême International Comics Festival to meet and greet with publishers from around the world.

This year, François Mayeux, the founding president of the Montreal Comic Arts Festival and owner of Planète BD (the only Canal BD member on this side of the Atlantic), got the opportunity to make a presentation on Quebec comics during this important annual meeting of booksellers.

With the help of a catalog and video specially created by the MCAF team for the presentation, François charmed an auditorium of over 80 booksellers, presenting a wide range of Quebec comics and impressing the audience with the quality and diversity of Quebec’s many creators and publishers.

Team MCAF heads to Angoulême

The Montreal Comic Arts Festival was proud to send a six-person delegation to Angoulême this year. These representatives had the chance to hear the latest news, check out recent releases, and meet up with creators, editors, and fans; getting a brief taste of the rhythms of the city, where over 200 comic book creators live and work year-round.

Not only was the MCAF team able to meet up with cartoonists from around the globe, but they were also graciously welcomed by Catherine Fereyrolles, the Library & Archives Director at the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image. MCAF’s representatives were treated to a private visit to the Cité de la BD’s library, expositions, and even their amazing archives!

Another highlight of the trip was a meeting with Pili Munos, Director of the Maison des auteurs, which since 2002 has welcomed comic book artists from around the world for residencies ranging from three months to two years.