Comic book : from their dream to your reality


Comic book : from their dream to your reality

Crowd funding is a new – and brilliant – way to help artists put their ideas on paper with the help of the people who enjoy their work. The FBDM is proud to feature an exhibit of four projects that were made possible with this kind of financing. 

We are proud to share the project of the publisher Pow Pow, who used crowd funding to translate to english Cathon and Alexandre Fontaine’s Les cousines vampires, Zviane’s Les Deuxièmes, Samuel Cantin’s Vil et misérable and Michel Hellman’s Mile End.

With the help of their readers, Studio Lounak also financed the second volume of the cyber-punk/western series Far Out, by the talented Gautier Langevin and Olivier Carpentier. The campaign was so successful that they exceeded their goal by more that 2,500$!

Stéphanie Leduc published her awaited book Dryade through the belgium publisher Sandawe, a collaborative platform aimed at helping comic book creators. She is thrilled: “The book is well made, the hard cover is perfect. I’m really satisfied and can’t wait that you get it in your hands really soon!”.

Finally, Planches  got enough money to finance the launch of a new trimestral publication that gives local authors and creators the place they deserve, with articles and exclusive content on the comic book community.

Visit Espace La Fontaine before May 31st to learn more and enjoy the work of these artists. Workshops and round table on the subject will also take place during the festival; check out our programming for more details!