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Guillaume Perreault



Humour, Sci-Fi


Guillaume is an illustrator and author. He works mainly in the field of youth publishing with several albums and illustrated novels, but he also works with various clients in the cultural and advertising fields. With three books as an author, Guillaume also explores the world of writing and comics. In 2016 he received the nugget category small, readers' choice, from the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse Seine-Saint-Denis for his book Le Facteur de l'espace. His work is often described as calculated and thoughtful, yet lively and teeming with characters with strong personalities. According to him, each project and subject dictates a different intention or emotion, so it is important for Guillaume to listen to these and adjust his work accordingly. That's why he alternates his creation techniques; going from wood pencil, to ink and often totally digital. Born in Rimouski, he currently lives in Montreal.


Le facteur de l'espace, chez La Pastèque (2016-2022)

Mammouth rock, chez La courte échelle (2017-2022)

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