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Salgood Sam aka Max Douglas, is me. I first published comics in zines in the late 80s, and started making comics professionally in the early 90s. Shortly after for related reasons he started writing my name backwards as a pen name. Since then my work has been published notably by Image, IDW/NMK, Marvel & DC, and outside of comics clients have included The Criterion Collection, Bravo TV, Nokia, Nelvana Studios, and Fox among many others. I’ve been nominated a few times for things, despite never winning I still make comics, mostly for the love…? And illustrates professionally, mostly for the money. For the last 6 years I've also taught art part time for both! I live in downtown Montreal with cats and my wife and it is good. A partial bibliography includes: Revolver ‘Quarterly’, several volumes [2004-2019] but only One and Zero are still in print. Dream Life: a late coming of age, book one [2014]. Therefore, Repent! With Jim Munroe [2007], Dracula: Son of the Dragon, with Mark Sable [2019]. Currently in progress, Mind Engine, a personal anthology of his latest solo comics work slated for the spring of 2020. A fuller list can be found here:


My next is a new ongoing personal anthology series called Mind Engine. The last book I had published was Dracula: Son of the Dragon. Before that my last two books were Therefore, Repent! & Dream Life | a late coming of age.

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