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Jeremy Perrodeau
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Jeremy Perrodeau was born in 1988, somewhere between Nantes and the sea, on the edge of the forest. After studying graphic design, he works on a number of projects with the prestigious Valence studio. At the same time, he began producing small self-published fanzines, and gradually branched out into comics and illustration. Strongly inspired by wide open spaces and natural landscapes, he published his first comic strip in 2013: Isles, la Grande Odyssée, published by FP&CF (reissued in 2018 by FP&CF and 2024). In 2017, he published Crépuscule, an impressively masterful first major science fiction story, which earned him an official selection at the Angoulême festival and the Jury Prize at the Pulp festival in 2018. He then confirmed his talent with a psychological thriller, Le Long des Ruines, before dazzling readers with Le Visage de Pavil.


Le Visage de Pavil – 2023, Editions 2024
Le long des ruines – 2020, Editions 2024
Crépuscule – 2017, Editions 2024


Fauve des Lycéens, FIBD d'Angoulême 2024
Mention spéciale - Comics Young Adult - Bologna Ragazzi Awards 2024

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