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Alain Chevarier
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Author’s Graphic Novel


Alain Chevarier was born in 1971 in Montreal. He studied visual arts and film at Concordia University and at NSCAD in Nova Scotia, then graduated from INIS in film directing. He worked for 12 years for Télé-Québec, mainly for La Fabrique Culturelle de Télé-Québec, for which he directed some sixty documentary capsules on art. He is the creator of a dozen short films, two of which have won awards in festivals. In 2022 he directed five poetic films for the poetry magazine EXIT, which were selected by the Festival du film sur l'art (FIFA). In recent years he has participated in the creation of two graphic novels, René Lévèsque, quelque chose comme un grand homme, and Géants aux pieds d'argile, both nominated for literary awards.


Géants aux pieds d'argile, chez Moelle Graphik (2022)
avec Mark McGuire

Guest at MCAF