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Nelson Caetano is a multidisciplinary visual artist, whose work ranges from ink and watercolour renderings, oil painted portraits and figurative works, digital illustrations and animation, graphic design and architectural drawings. Nelson’s passion for drawing and art started long before he can remember. At an early age, comic books and a worn out copy of the works of Michelangelo were his first introduction to the world of art. Those first self-taught lessons came from flipping through the pages of those books. His early fascination with comics became a lifelong affair that continues until this day. As an arts educator in Toronto, Nelson’s continued enthusiasm for arts education stems from his own ongoing education from various art institutions and from apprenticing with fellow Toronto artists, and from the joy of assisting young artists find their voice. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Nelson continues to live and work in the city that has inspired much of his stories and art. He does so with his wife and two sons.


The Gathering Place, published by Junction Comics

Guest at MCAF