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Nelson Caetano



Author’s Graphic Novel, Historic, Humour

Youth, Teen

Nelson Caetano is a multidisciplinary visual artist and arts educator whose work ranges from ink and watercolour renderings, oil painted portraits and figurative works, digital illustrations and animation, graphic design and architectural drawings. Much of Nelson’s work utilises storytelling as the foundation in all his creative works. He believes that visual communication is the most universal and effective form of communication : “Choice of medium and style definitely help in conveying mood but without a strong story to inspire the design and stylistic choices, nothing is truly being communicated.” With the release of Daryn’s Drawings and The Gathering Place, Nelson continues to celebrate the arts by weaving stories filled with the richness of diverse characters and positive themes. As an arts educator in Toronto, Nelson’s enthusiasm for arts education stems from his own ongoing arts journey, and the joy that comes from assisting young artists find their creative voice. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Nelson continues to live and work in the city that has inspired much of his stories and art. He does so with his wife and two sons.


Daryn’s Drawings - Junction Comics Group (2024)
The Gathering Place - 4 volumes, Junction Comics Group (2019 - 2022)


2020 Sequential Magazine Award Favourite Artist (Third Place)

MCAF 2024

Present at 

Junction Comics Group   A05

Guest at MCAF

2023, 2024